TQ hack day

On Monday 14th April the greatest techie minds from TQ, Pearson, start-ups Arbor Education, Dev House, Greedy Gull, Allrollover and Pebble code convened at the Pearson Strand offices. The aim? To build a range of digital learning tools and processes fit for the vocational education space of tomorrow.

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Pearson Global Assist Fellowship, March 2014

There are 500,000 children of pre-school age (3-5 years old) in the Western Cape, South Africa. Only 20% of them receive any form of education. These children never lived through Apartheid, but are having to suffer the bitter injustices of the system today, 20 years later...

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Defence Sixth Form College opens its doors to UAE students

From 2014, International Sixth Form students will for the first time be accepted to the prestigious Defence Sixth Form College in Leicestershire, through the Welbeck private scheme...

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