Logging and Perforation

Almansoori offer solutions for Reservoir Monitoring, Well Integrity, Formation Evaluation, and Well Intervention Solutions such as non-explosive Pipe Recovery Services, and Perforation Services. Their wireline packages cover every base, from the logging program design to the final data evaluation, all the while holding a commitment to strong petro-physical support as an integrated final product model. All the technologies are deployed through standard conveyance techniques of e-line, pump down, tractor, coiled tubing, slickline, and Electrical Slickline (e-Slickline). The e-Slickline technology conveyance allows the team to run real-time data acquisition like saturation and production logs, while simultaneously delivering standard Slickline services; combining the best elements of both E-line and Slickline.

Production Monitoring

Well Integrity

Pipe Recovery

Perforation and Well Intervention