AlMansoori Directional Drilling Services (MDDS) was established when AlMansoori acquired Target Energy Group Operating in UK, France, Europe, CIS Region, Russia, Africa, India and Middle East. The learning from these areas are imported into the Corporate Directional Drilling Services.

AlMansoori Directional Drilling Services and its Company Target Well Control have a vast geographical presence. Main Activities in Europe were in UK and North Sea, France, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Netherlands, and Poland, having very active operations in CIS Region especially Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Target Well Control and AlMansoori petroleum Services had very big operations in Africa in Uganda, Tanzania, Morocco, and especially in Kenya.

In Middle east, MDDS has long term Contracts Offshore and Onshore in UAE, worked in several countries and are now very active in INDIA.

Directional Drilling Services

Well Planning & Reporting

Our Well Planning and reporting services include surveying, anticollision scanning, torque and drag, hydraulics analysis and data management and delivery of end of well reports.